The process of moving from one home full of memories to another stranger one brings not only an exciting feeling but a sublime feel of sorrow as well. To top it all, the stress reaches an alarming point during those days.
There are a lot of things to consider when one is moving to a new home. One has to worry about packing the cooking items or the favorite jewelry or their precious vases and gifts or the delicate machines. One certainly feels extremely tense and wondering whether they’ll ever see their precious collections safe and sound with no scratches, after the long anticipated journey.


To make this job easier and to make the process of moving out almost not stressful for the people, Total Move is a corporation that provides removal services in Bournemouth. They are a growing industry, brimming with experienced and highly motivated set of workers. This company assists you to have a smooth journey to the new home instead of a literally and figuratively bumpy ride. They would ease the strains of transporting entire favourite belongings to the new house without any unfortunate mishaps and accidents.
Total Movers have a strict honour code and have refund facility if the customer believes that their things could’ve been moved quicker and also if unfortunately something is broken, the company provides a check for the loss instantly.
Currently, they provide the removal and moving services in Poole, Wimborne, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Southampton.

bournemouth's favorite removals company

The workers:

They are just a group of friends who are assisting in moving out of a former house to a new one.

Why are they special?

· Total Move believes in regularity, and they are always available on time.
· They follow a 100% strict Honor Code. Any loss or damage is instantly paid for and at any objection refund is available.
· All workers are experienced and professionals whose full-time job is to move things.
· Communication is certainty and one would always know which workers they are going to have to work with and would know all about them.
· The payment method is in the form of instalments or minimum within 2 hours. People have the liberty to verify or reject the time at any point.
· They honour the customer’s trust and keep their information confidential.
For more information and to get the queries answered, one can visit their website at or email them at
One of their customers has given an extremely positive review about their service by saying

“This was the easiest move to plan and pay for that we have ever made.” (- John & Kathryn, Bournemouth)

A Bournemouth moving company is one that helps people and businesses to move from one place to another by ensuring that all their possessions reach the destination in a safe condition.

The moving firm always has consultants who can manage the relocation from the beginning to the end, and they are also able to address any queries that may come up during the relocation. The moving company also ensure that you can track the movement of your goods up to the final destination and even you can get an approximation of the time your goods in transit will get to your area of relocation.

The moving company has highly trained professionals to ensure the safety and proper handling of your assets be it furniture, glassware and other high valued and fragile assets. The moving company also has high-grade packaging material that is essential for the property being relocated.

When you are selecting your moving company in Bournemouth, there are factors that you should consider namely:

1. Excellent customer service – you should do research on the company’s customer dedication and response to customer queries. You should also inquire if the company representatives will work with you throughout the moving process or else you can land yourself in a business that will be a burden of stress to you.

2. It is also important to research on the transport and logistics of the particular moving company you would like to use for relocation; that is on the security, flexibility of the company and the storage options that the company has for its customers. If it is in a case where you are relocating internationally it is key to make sure that the moving company you want to use is one that has a name you can trust, a moving company that can ship your items safely and get your items to your destination on time and as well a moving company that provides tracking options for your shipments so that you are aware of the progress of your shipment.

Another critical reason as to why a moving company is crucial is because they will insure your goods meaning I in case anything happens to your goods during shipment the insurance company will fully cover them and reimburse them to you. They also handle your goods with a lot of care because they are professionally trained to do so. It is also important to note that a moving company has the very good know-how of the locality in which you are moving, and they will ensure to check the right routes to ensure safe dispatch of your goods.

An excellent Bournemouth moving company will also use the right equipment for relocation. Hence, you do not need to worry about how you are going to get your assets out of the house or into the new house. Lastly, a moving company will give you estimates that are straightforward and cost effective as they charge you by the distance you will cover or the service they will offer you. Hence, a moving company is the best relocating option.

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